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about me

Meet me:  an independent mom of two beauties (Bella, 17 & Haven, 15).  A chronic entrepreneur.  A seeker of simplistic living that affords me abundance and more free time to play.  When I am not working with clients, you can find me hovered over a project in my studio be it upcycling furniture, knotting a mala necklace, or creating celebration flags.  All of these items feed my little store in Denver on Colfax at Ivy called, 'make&believe'.  Stop by sometime.  I don't work there but there is something for everyone inside this treasure trove Antique Mall.  I also teach classes to children and adults at a makerspace on Pearl Street in Denver.  


A bit about House of began thirteen years ago in Stapleton/Central Park specializing in assisting overwhelmed households downsize their belongings and organize what remained.

When my clients started having babies or started working more from their homes, my scope began to include all phases of relocation starting with prepping their properties for market.  Stagers and real estate agents would hand me a list of every area that needed to look tighter and leaner.  Closets, cabinets and rooms all needed to appear spacious, free of clutter, depersonalized and polished.  In time, I started providing punch lists and staging homes myself, using mostly what was already there and sprinkling in some style and texture.  My background in high end design made space planning the rooms a snap. We can home stage both vacant and occupied properties.

A somewhat new population I have been connecting with are older folks approaching relocations from homes to senior living environments. I support them by downsizing their belongings and all phases of their moves. I also assist families who have lost loved ones with estate distribution.

Today, my small business is completely 'turn-key'.  My crew takes special care as they pack, unpack and reset each room, closet and drawer.  We direct the moving team, make the beds, load the fridge and pantry, and make certain our clients can find their essentials on their first night in the new location. 

My services are ever changing and expanding to support whatever my clients need.  I have hung art and installed child safety gates.  I have resurfaced scratched furniture or repainted it.  I have run out for lattes and mended marriages.  My favorite part of what I do is knowing that a family can trust and rely on me during all phases of their relocation.  It gives me purpose.  And real estate agents adore me because I can help their clients get their homes market ready in no time.

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